Sunday, June 21, 2015

Early Childhood Education and Sesame Street

Good evening. I am taking EDUC 8855 - Research in Practice this summer semester. While I do not have any blog assignments in this class, I wanted to post a personal post on an article I read in The Atlantic on early childhood education. The article title is Sesame Street is Just as Effective as Head Start - And Much More Diverse than Most Preschools. The article discusses how the children's show has enhanced learning in America and the show is a reminder of what's lacking in early education today. I watched Sesame Street as a child and I still remember songs and lessons from watching it. I think it helped me learn how to read as much as my mom reading to me did. I grew up poor but PBS is free. When I taught Pre-K I used to reserve time in the computer lab and take my students in to watch Sesame Street. I think it is effective in teaching young children and helping them be prepared for school and I agree that the program is more diverse than most classroom teachers and programs. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did and I hope many more young children are influenced by its wonderful programming. Thank you, Cissy