Sunday, February 16, 2014

The importance of play - locally, statewide, nationally, and globally

The importance of play is seen locally, statewide, nationally, and globally. Locally Fort Worth ISD is working with stakeholders to ensure our students are successful. Fort Worth ISD just overwhelming passed a bond and one piece of that bond is universal Pre-K. The importance of play is seen statewide in that the state of Texas passed House Bill 5 and while its aim is to lower the number of end of course exams for high schoolers and to help encourage high school students go to college, the state is rethinking testing in the lower grades. The importance of play is seen nationally with the National Association for the Education of Young Children and its research promoting play. Globally the International Play Association promotes play as a right for all children.

I have always promoted the importance to play as a teacher and did not realize how far reaching this topic is. In researching information on play and resources, webpages, and blogs I found a webpage listing the top 50 childhood education blogs and wanted to share it with my classmates. I think this would also be a wonderful resource for a new teacher to get ideas. Thank you, Cissy