Thursday, November 13, 2014

EDUC 8853, Module 6 Assignment: The Interview Process

Good evening. I am posting tonight on my experiences with the interview process in relation to my semester course project. For my course project, I am researching prenatal risk factors with the subtopic of health. A piece of the course project is interviewing practitioners in the field to gain knowledge. I want to help the women in my community receive quality prenatal health care so that their child is healthy and a good foundation is laid for their development and education. By speaking with experts, I hope to gain knowledge of resources and learn from their expertise so that I can pass on that knowledge to the women in my community.

So far, my two interviews have gone well and I feel they have been successful. I have learned a lot from both women and I am anxious to share the resources with my community. One idea I connected with was the importance of establishing relationships with families and communities. I have always thought this and agreed with this, but to hear it from an expert backed up with success stories is another thing all together. The value of gaining trust from your families so that they and their children are successful and happy is so important. And then to be able to work with a parent that was your student and is now the parent is wonderful!

To date, I have researched and submitted three annotated bibliographies, I have submitted information on special interest groups to learn from them, and I have submitted information on interviewing two experts. One question I am still wondering on is why does Tarrant County have the highest infant mortality rate in the State of Texas and one of the highest in the country? I hope to learn enough and discover important resources to share with the women in my community to lower that number. Thank you, Cissy